Shipping information


Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville
Attention: Copier Dealer Association (Paul Metler or Attendee)
11 Boston Way
Asheville, NC 28803

Package Receiving Requirements:

The hotel reserves the right to limit the number and weight of packages received on behalf of the Group, and may charge a nominal fee for an advance receipt for the Group’s packages. Any packages sent to the Hotel will be the sole responsibility of the Group. Due to local fire regulations and limited available storage space, the following maximums have been placed on package acceptance:

  • (A).
    • The Hotel can accept no more than 10 packages for storage
    • The maximum weight for any package to be stored by the hotel is 75 pounds
  • (B). The following charges will apply for each package received by  the hotel:
    • 1-10 pounds: $6.00 per package
    • 11-50 pounds: $9.00 per package

If it is necessary for the Group to ship materials to the Hotel, each item must be properly packaged and marked with (a) the Group’s name and contact; (b) the date of the Group’s event; and (c) the name of the Hotel contact assigned to the Group. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse to accept packages that appear damaged or exceeding the limits above, and, in any event, the Hotel does not assume any liability for the condition of the contents of such packages. The Hotel will not accept materials delivered more than seven (7) days prior to the Group’s event.